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Nov 29 2023

SendPad Release Notes

SendPad Release Nov, 2023

1. New audience filters for broadcasts

The three new filters of Segments, Tags, and Exclude are added to the Audience page (Step 2) in the broadcast setup. Using these new filter options, you can now choose whether you want to send an email to the contacts of a specific list, a particular segment, or the contacts with a special tag. Moreover, you can also decide which contacts should be excluded based on their association with a list, segment, or tag.  This is to avoid the creation of multiple lists with redundant contacts as you previously had to do when “Lists” was the only filter available on the Audience page.

To define your broadcast audience, now you have two main filters to select from. And, whichever of the following main filters you select, the remaining fields on the Audience page will be configured accordingly.

1. Lists/Segments: You can include and exclude list(s) and segment(s). Selected lists are labeled yellow, and a selected segment is labeled purple.

2. Tags: You can include and exclude tag(s). Selected tags are labeled blue.

2. Enhancements in the Broadcast details page

The broadcast details page in SendPad has been enhanced to display the included and excluded audience on the broadcast details page. The included/excluded lists are labeled yellow, tags are labeled blue, and segments are labeled purple.

The details page view of a broadcast is enabled only when the broadcast is completed.

Refer to the image shared below to see the included/excluded lists labeled yellow.

3. Contact tagging and untagging triggers for autoresponder

SendPad brings you new triggers, “Tag a contact”, and “Untag a contact” for Autoresponders. You can now automate your workflow for contact tagging and untagging events, respectively. The following actions can be added to an autoresponder that is configured to trigger upon tagging or untagging a contact:

  • Send a message

  • Subscribe to a list

  • Unsubscribe from a list

  • Wait

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