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Table of contents

  1. Creating a form
  2. Embedding a form
  3. Using a form in autoresponder
  4. Deleting a form



Forms come in handy for customers’ data collection that can be utilized for targeted marketing! SendPad enables you to create quick and easy to use forms.

Creating a form

Follow these to create a SendPad form: 

1. Go to Forms (left menu) > click the Create Form button on the Forms page. 


2. Enter a meaning name for your form and click Create to continue. 



3. You will be navigated to the SendPad form builder. Use the form editing options given in the right panel that expands upon clicking the brush 🖌️ icon. 

4. Once the form is ready, click the Publish button given at the top of the page. 



5. The form will be created successfully and will be ready for you to use anywhere on your website. The form code snippet will appear in a window. You can click the copy icon to copy the code and embed it into your webpage/website. 



6. To close the form builder, click the Save & Exit button. 



7. Upon clicking the Save & Exit button, your form will be saved, and you will be redirected to the main Forms page in SendPad. 



Form status and stats

The status of your form will be “Published” if you clicked the Publish button in the form builder. 

The status of your form will be “Draft” if you clicked the Save & Exit button (in the form builder) without publishing the form first.  



For a newly created form, the count for Submissions will be zero (0), and the status for use in Auto-responder will be “No”

  • If an end-user makes a form submission, the submission count will be incremented. 
  • If you use the form in an auto-responder, the Auto-responder status for the form will be “Yes”



Embedding a form

If you exit the SendPad form builder without copying the form’s embed code, you can always copy it from within SendPad (on the Forms page). To do so, follow these simple steps: 

1. Click the ellipses (three vertical dots) icon against the form you wish to embed > select Embed Code from the dropdown. 

2. Click the copy icon on the popup window that contains the embed code. 



3. Now, you can paste the copied embed code anywhere in your web page. You can also use this code in your FloatFunnels page(s) adding the “SendPad Form” element on your FloatFunnels page, and then pasting this embed code in the code input window. The image shared below is a demonstration of SendPad Form embedded in a FloatFunnels page. 



Using a form in autoresponder

If you use the SendPad form in any of your auto-responders regardless of the autoresponder’s active/inactive status, the usage status of “Auto-responder” for the form will be “Yes”.

📌 Autoresponders




If you delete a form after using it in an auto-responder, then the deleted form will be represented with the “Undefined” label in the autoresponder. Please refer to the image shared below. 



Deleting a form

To delete a form, follow these steps: 

1. Click the ellipses (three vertical dots) icon against the form you wish to embed > select Delete from the dropdown. 

2. You will be prompted to confirm your intention. Click Delete on the Delete Form popup window. Or, click Cancel if you want to keep the form. 

❗Deleting a form is an irreversible action. 



3. Once you confirm your action of deleting the form, the page will be refreshed to display the updated list of SendPad forms. The notification of successful deletion will also appear in the top right corner of the page. 


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