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Adding a contact to multiple lists - Knowledgebase / Features / Lists - SendPad Customer Support

Adding a contact to multiple lists

If you want to add a contact to multiple lists, follow these steps:

1. On the main Contacts page, navigate to the rightmost part of the selected contact you wish to add to multiple lists and click on the arrow symbol (>) to open the Contact Details page, as illustrated in the image below.



2. Find the 'Lists' section on the Contact Details page, and click the '+ADD' button. This will allow you to add the contact to the selected list. Similarly, to add this contact to another list, click the '+ADD' button again, and select another list.  as shown in the image below. 



👉 If you want to remove a contact from a particular list, you can not do it directly on the Contact Details page. Here are two ways to do it:

  • Delete the contact entirely from the main Contacts page, but remember, this will also remove the contact from all the lists to which the contact was added.
  • Delete the specific list from which you want to remove the contact. Deleting the list will not affect the contact's existence in other lists.
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